I have been in Real Estate since 2011 and surrounded by the business my entire life.  I specialize in all aspects of Real Estate.  I do not work for the bank; I am not an REO specialist.  I am a successful listing agent and selling agent, I focus on what is in the best interest of the client.  I assist in guiding the client through each step of the process from start to finish.  I am very detail orientate, I treat each client as they are my only client.  I am exceptionally reliable, thorough and supportive of my clients.  I provide a personal, hand on approach to each transaction.  I actively work every portion of the transaction.  I am independent and can provide flexibility where needed.


I am familiar with and understand the trends of our Real Estate Market.  Therefore I use the very best strategies and resources, and implement the best set of tools, for each specific transaction to generate the greatest results for you when selling/buying your home or property.

I will prepare a comprehensive marketing plan and implement aggressive strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs, to successfully close every transaction with the best possible results.  I listen to my client’s needs and I always work diligently to resolve all of their inquiries the best possible way.  I am not a sales person I am a reliable source and a helping hand.  I always keep my client current on what is going on in the market and provide clients with relevant information so that they can always make informed decisions.

I always go beyond the sale; anticipating issues and correcting/solving any possible problems or concerns that may arise, being a Proactive agent rather than a Reactive agent.  I have a Team of resources that I utilities to prepare properties for market when needed.  I am a local Realtor that understands the dynamics of Real Estate as a business, but also take care of the human aspect.  I treat people with respect and care for each and every client.

Rests assured and have the confidence that I will take care of your Real Estate transaction in the best possible way.


Mary “Anna” Drosihn